The term „rapport“ refers to the quality of the connection between individuals. Being „in rapport“ signifies the emergence of a pleasant chemistry, a shared wavelength where the exchange of thoughts and feelings appears to flow effortlessly.

Rapport as a Communication Technique

Rapport, when used as a communication technique, proves valuable not only in addressing the rider, the logical mind, but also in emotionally engaging the elephant. (For more on this concept, please see „Elephant & Rider“).

Applying Rapport

Rapport is achieved through the practice of mirroring the conversation partner’s various elements, such as body posture, gestures, facial expressions, choice of words, speaking pace, and tone of voice, among others. By deliberately adapting and aligning with one another, the interpersonal dynamics within the conversation can be enhanced, leading to increased empathy for the conversation partner.

Rapport Break

Conversely, a „rapport break“ is a conscious disruption of the conversational chemistry. It can serve the purpose of creating distance or asserting authority..

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