Peer Group Coaching

Peer-Group Coaching (PGC) is a form of coaching where a group of individuals with similar goals or challenges come together to support and coach each other. It is particularly effective for generating ideas, insights, and solutions for a given problem.

It’s a form of peer exchange designed to quickly solve a problem through numerous ideas from the team. Creating a trusting atmosphere is crucial so that everyone in the group can learn from and support each other, fostering the team’s overall development.

Key Roles in Peer-Group Coaching

In Peer-Group Coaching, there are three central roles: the Case Presenter, the Advisory Team, and the Moderator. The focus of the session is on the case itself, not the Case Presenter.

Application of Peer-Group Coaching

PGC consists of four phases:

1. Phase

In the first phase, which should take about 5 minutes, one participant presents their case. They try to describe their problem in as much detail as possible, making it clear to the team where they are stuck.

2. Phase

In the second phase, the group has another 5 minutes to ask clarifying questions. This ensures the group fully understands the case, allowing for better analysis and more effective solution proposals.

3. Phase

In the third phase, the Case Presenter steps out of the circle and assumes an observer role. The group then has approximately 45 minutes to discuss the case and generate as many solutions as possible. The Case Presenter observes the discussion from outside the circle, taking notes to approach their case with new insights afterward. They remain in the room but turn away to avoid influencing the group with their reactions.

4. Phase

In the final phase, the Case Presenter thanks the group for the new ideas and briefly summarizes the most important insights they have gained.

By following these steps, Peer-Group Coaching effectively leverages the collective knowledge and experience of the group to address individual challenges and promote professional growth.

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