Lego Serious Play

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a hands-on, creative approach to problem-solving, enhancing collaboration, and developing strategies within organizations. It utilizes LEGO bricks to foster creative and constructive thinking and communication. The metaphorical building with LEGO bricks engages the brain’s limbic system, while subsequent discussions and explanations activate the cognitive part of the cerebral cortex.

Here’s a summary of the process:

1. Topic, Goal, and Outcome

Participants are informed about the goal or problem to be addressed using this method. This could involve strategic planning, team development, brainstorming, or other challenges. Together, participants consider what objectives can be achieved and the benefits involved.

2. Building a Metaphor

Each participant selects LEGO bricks to build a metaphor or representation that symbolizes the problem or goal. These can range from buildings to abstract constructions. Every interpretation is valid—whether a red brick symbolizes a problem, a good idea, or a dog.

3. Stories and Explanations

Each participant explains their LEGO creation, sharing their thoughts, ideas, and visions related to the problem or goal. This fosters communication and allows participants to exchange perspectives. Others can ask questions about the model, such as: “What does this green brick represent?” “Why is this person behind the wall?” “Why is the ladder placed here?”

4. Expansion and Iteration

Participants can expand, modify, and improve their models to further develop their ideas. This step can be repeated multiple times, guided by specific questions for the next iteration. For example: How can the customer perspective be integrated into the model?

5. Reflection and Discussion

The group reflects on the collaboratively created models and discusses the meanings, patterns, and connections among the individual contributions.

6. Combining the Models

The various models are combined and enhanced to create a holistic view or solution to the goal or problem. Participants can suggest which elements from individual models should be included in the collective model.

6. Action Plan

Based on the insights gained, the group develops a concrete action plan or strategy to achieve the goal. They can even construct pathways to the goal using LEGO bricks.

Throughout this method, the facilitator takes notes on the group’s key points. These notes help translate the creative and metaphorical thoughts into a concrete work context.

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