Leadership Triad

The Leadership Triad can help to analyse any leadership challenge and create possible solutions.
  • First Element: Function

    All leadership roles serve a function. What difference does the organization expect this leadership role to make? What are the declared goals and outcomes? WHat are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that describe success or failure? What other soft factores or cultural elements are expected from this position?
  • Second Element: The social system

    Leadership is the process of goal oriented social interaction. Leaders are empedded in complex social systems that not only consist of their direct reports, but also of their peers, supperiors, customers, providers and many other elements. To understand the counter-dependencies within this social system is crucial.
  • Third Element: Behavior

    What is the experienced leadership bahvior? Is there a congruent leadership style or approach? What types of conversations, messages, praise, cretique or motivation do others experiences in their interactions with the leader?

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