Golden Circle − Why How What

„Start with Why!“ is a bestseller by American author Simon Sinek. Through his formula „Why, How, What,“ he explains how effective communication can be achieved.

The Why, How, What Framework

Effective communication is crucial in sales, negotiations, and change management.

  • The WHY

    People are convinced when they understand the WHY—the reasons behind a decision or change, such as seizing opportunities and avoiding risks. Often, it’s not just the rational WHY but the emotional purpose that truly motivates people. A strong, positive purpose generates enthusiasm and engagement.
  • The HOW

    Both rational and emotional aspects should be considered in the HOW. Rationally, the HOW should be simple and efficient—the shortest path from A to B without complications. Emotionally, the HOW should be perceived as pleasant and positive.
  • The WHAT

    The WHAT addresses the operational level. It involves the concrete product and the specific next steps.

Applying the Golden Circle

WHY? What is the Purpose?

Clarify the motivation for action! (Where do we want to go?)

  • What opportunities can we seize?
  • What benefits does this bring?
  • How does this benefit each individual?
  • How does this benefit the organization?
  • Why is it important to act now?

Clarify the avoidance motivation! (What do we want to avoid?)

  • What risks do we face if we don’t act?
  • What disadvantages will we encounter if we don’t act?
  • What negative consequences will the organization face?
  • What negative consequences will individuals face?
  • Why is it important to act now?

HOW? Define the Path!

  • What is the plan? How can we achieve our goal most easily?
  • How do we ensure that the issue is addressed effectively, transparently, and positively?
  • What methodology and logic define the path to the goal?
  • What tools and framework will support the change?

WHAT? Define the Tasks!

  • What are the next steps?
  • Who can contribute to the solution?
  • What specific tasks need to be delegated, to whom, and by when?

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